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#2222834 Thanks from Abby's family

Posted by CyFrog22 on 23 June 2016 - 08:03 PM

Im Abby's dad and my wife and I have been enjoying your message board since the picture of Trevone and Abby made its trip throughout the webisphere. I finally decided to join in the conversation and I have to admit you are all very entertaining and most impressively, incredibly generous. There is no way we can ever thank all of you and the TCU community nearly enough for what you did and how you continue to care about Abby's well being. We attended Tuesdays game in Omaha and I told my wife "I feel like we belong" and we would like to thank you for letting us be apart of your special community.
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#2119143 Forum name change

Posted by wes on 17 December 2015 - 01:56 PM

In honor of our friend Scott, the Frog Fan Forum will now be called the Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum

God bless you Scotty
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#2027622 Gather 'round men...

Posted by Coach on 21 September 2015 - 12:22 PM

You've done what was needed these first three games.  You've had some nice tune-ups for conference play and now we get to the meat of the schedule--our Conference Championship run.


I know--hell, everybody knows--we've got injuries on defense that loom large.  But you youngster, who I saw way too much trepidation in Saturday, need to keep one thing in mind--if Gary Patterson didn't think you could cut it--if he didn't think you had the stuff required to make this team great--you wouldn't be here.  You keep learning and doing what you've been taught with fight, courage and heart, and we'll be fine.


The rest of you--seniors, returning starters, returning players—this season rides on your shoulders.  The young guys are looking to you for leadership and direction.  Teach 'em up and encourage 'em.  This is going to be a hard year--but whether it's a successful one or not depends almost entirely on you.  You help teach these kids how to play like you've played, with the same dedication and commitment, with the same total abandon, and we'll have a great season.


This team is a lot more than a roster.  When any of you feel like you're overwhelmed, remember where you came from, where this program has been.  TCU has overcome a lot more than injuries.  We were left for dead by the big cigars just a few years ago.  We fought our way back, clawing and scratching for every point, for every win.  We weren't invited back to the party--we kicked in the door and took back what was rightfully ours!  We've sacrificed untold hours of time, sweat, and pain, to get to the pinnacle of college football.  Our trophies are still in the case, and we're still #3 in the country.  And if you’ve got half the character I think you do, nobody's taking anything from you without a knockdown, drag out fight! 


It's a common theme, but this season, more than any other in the last decade, we have to take one game at a time.  Focus on the game at hand, prepare as well as you can, and things will take care of themselves.


Those who came before you fought and scraped to get you on this stage.  You owe it to them--and to yourselves--to make the very best of this opportunity.  Reach deep down and find the warrior in you.  Prepare for battle.  Cry “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of war!  Rise up Horned Frogs!  On to Lubbock!  On through the Big12!  On to VICTORY!

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#1899726 TCU's NSD Event recap

Posted by TCURiggs on 04 February 2015 - 09:01 PM

I'll give it a go, but feel free to add on to it:


The big news is that Coach Bump is hanging it up. This wasn't mentioned until all of the coaches had spoken, then GP brought it up as he took the mic. He said that Bumpas would hate that he was doing it, but he wanted to recognize and thank him. The 600 or so in attendance then gave Bump and his wife a standing ovation. Neat moment. GP said he'll probably be able to lure him back in occasionally to break down some film by offering him some trout fishing trips. He also wrapped it up pretty quickly, as he said he didn't want to piss off a 65 year-old man that still does squats and power cleans. He said that two DL rushed bumpas for some horseplay the other day, and they both ended up on the ground.


Our coaching staff is greatness. Every coach took a turn speaking, some went longer than others, but it was very apparent how much they like each other. Not only because they talked about it, but also because it showed. Awesome group. It's obvious why we hear so many good things about them on the recruiting trail... lots of character. All of them got good laughs from the crowd, but Sharp probably had the most mic time. He admittedly had a few glasses of wine beforehand and had some good stories... he gets a lot of speeding tickets.


Coach Cross announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child, and he claims to be the best golfer of the bunch. 


Coach Loop left his truck running at the airport for two days as he was in a hurry to catch a flight for a recruiting trip. He may be the second best golfer. He also sat outside Sam Awolope's house for 4 hours making sure UT's staff didn't show up... trying to keep them out.


Big Meach accidentally left his rental car running for two hours while visiting with Turpin, which led them to running out of gas by the Zoo on University Dr. He said he begged Turpin to commit, because if he didn't everyone would tell him it was his fault for leaving them stranded.


Coach Burns is apparently called "The Closer" according to Coach Loop.


Cumbie said he was nervous at last year's event and said "you try being a Red Raider surrounded by a room full of Horned Frogs."


Coach Anderson is just a really well-spoken, genuine guy. You can tell why he's such a good recruiter. 


Everyone knows about GP. He was his usual self, talking about how he's not satisfied (and won't ever be) and how we need to keep doing things the right way. There may have been a few references/jokes (not as much by GP) about that school 90 miles South of here, and GP talked about learning how to be a winner. He is who he is, which we all know, and I'm glad he's at the helm. He's greatness, and he has put together a great staff.


As for the recruits, we've heard a lot about them. He mentioned that Deshawn Raymond has already put on 9 lbs after only being here for a few weeks, since he finally has some good meals to eat (not a great home life).


Joe Broadnax is a Chucky Hunter clone. He's not very tall, but he's strong as hell and gets after it... typical TCU guy.


Montrel Wilson is a Safety as of now, but he's big enough that he may move to LB like Jonathan Anderson.


Semaj Thomas is also big enough that he could end up as a DE, and Bryson Henderson may end up big enough to play inside.


GP mentioned that a couple of the guys (Tre Heights, Tony James, and maybe one or two more) may need some time in the weight room, but they're great athletes.


He seemed really high on Niko Small... he's faster than people think, aggressive as hell (they may need to tone him down) and he's about a 1,500 SAT guy. 


Jozie Milton's small HS had a leg press machine that could "only" hold 800 or 900 lbs, so he'd tell other kids to jump on there. Coaches said he just kept telling kids to hop on and kept pressing. Smart kid as well.


Gladney and Julius Lewis are blazing fast... 10.5 or 10.6 100m guys, and Lewis will hit.


Cordel Iwuagwu is apparently African royalty. His Dad is a Prince and Mom is a Princess, and he's meaner than hell. 


Sam and Big Dave are very high-ceiling OTs. Both are very long and have a lot of potential.


Arico Evans may end up being a bigger, faster Hackett.


Austin and Stewart are just good, solid recruits. Austin is big and strong, and Stewart is polished and can probably play inside or outside.


Tipa has a fantastic motor, and GP said he may end up being "a huge guy." Sharp was joking about Tipa's last name, and mentioned that he was Big V's cousin, so he said they're just going to call him "Skinny G" for now.


Freeze and Dunham both run very well, and both are on campus now. The staff is hoping both can help the team this season. I mentioned what GP said about Raymond gaining weight, so he said he could see him ending up at S if that keeps up. 


I now have tired-head. Feel free to add.

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#2035890 Congrats and Farewell!

Posted by LevelHead on 27 September 2015 - 07:23 AM

I had fun shooting the bull with you guys this week.  Bigtime congrats on the win!  Couple thoughts on the game..........


Not often do games go almost exactly as you predicted them too.  A back and forth shootout and the team with the ball last won.  I picked TCU to win by a larger margin personally, but this outcome isn't that shocking.  Tech has come a long way since the '14 disaster, and that has me excited.  But on the flip side, our defense is really something to behold.  I won't be taking next week's loss nearly as well as I am taking this one.......


TCU really justified their ranking in my eyes.  Everyone deals with injuries, but a team in the Top 5 should be able to overcome them, as long as their superstars remain healthy and in good standing.  TCU went into a hostile environment against a team with momentum, and out for revenge and kept their composure.  I cant say enough about how well Boykin, Doctson, Green and the rest of the offense played.  I was in college when a kid by the name of Michael Crabtree was shredding defenses, and that game last night by Doctson was the most dominant game by a WR I have ever seen...ever.  TCU's defense gave up some yardage, but they got stops when it counted and really defended Mahomes well.  I wouldn't expect less from a Patterson coached defense.  I'm not going to call the last play lucky.  That may not have been how they drew it up...but when you have an offense full of playmakers clicking on all cylinders, good things just happen.


Good luck the rest of the season and congrats again!  See you guys next year.

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#2094195 Completely ashamed of many Frog "fans" on this board

Posted by TCUdirtbag on 21 November 2015 - 11:47 PM

A bunch of folks are acting like a bunch of petulant children and it's absolutely disgusting to see.  As I scrolled through the thread titles after the game I was shocked at how outrageous the reactions are.  TCU has one of the best head coaches in college football history and very bright minds running an offense with freshmen and a bunch of personnel recruited for a pro-style offense.  We are incredibly fortunate to have the staff we do, and there's a reason they make a lot more money than any of the [2314ing] armchair coach "fans" throwing temper tantrums on this forum. 
Step away from your keyboards, [Rod Gilmore].   
This team has suffered more than two dozen injuries to our initial two-deep.  There are only so many hours in the day and so many days in the week.  Limited practice time and kids have classes to squeeze in between them.  There's no time to prepare for every single possibility, and you have to make in-game adjustments to the reality on the field.  
Sometimes that reality is your backup QB that practiced better than another backup QB has a bad night.  
Sometimes that reality is one of your linebackers gets ejected.
Sometimes that reality is you don't sniff the end zone for nearly 30 minutes of play time so you try to make a 16-point game a 1-possession, 8-point game in the third quarter after getting gifted a 26-yard field and finally finding the end zone.  
Sometimes that reality is you're depleted on offense and defense, on the road, have momentum and decide to go for a win in regulation rather than playing for OT where you have a relative road/personnel/momentum disadvantage.
Our coaches came up with a game plan that held Oklahoma to only 30 points and gave our devastatingly depleted team a shot in a game we were projected to lose by 3+ scoresand trailed by 3 scores entering the fourth quarter.  
I am incredibly proud of this football team:  coaches, players and staff.  They made a phenomenal effort in the fourth quarter and nearly won a game that had almost gotten out of hand, much less winnable.  I am also incredibly thankful for our coaching staff, particularly Coach P, Meach and Cumbie, who have worked through unbelievable odds to get the Frogs to 92 including a great effort against the #7 team on the road.  
darn all you [Rece Davis]bags questioning their skills and loyalty.  You're an embarrassment to the team and staff.  If there's one thing I walked away from tonight's game feeling, it was very positive about the future of this program.  They took a bunch of young/unprepared players and beat-up spares on the road and nearly knocked off a top-10 team.  Two more games the Frogs will fight to win this year.  And a lot to look forward to in future years.  Go Frogs.   
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#1961794 An Aggie's Reaction to Last Night

Posted by harleyspoon on 09 June 2015 - 08:47 AM

Aggie here.  Don't post here often, but visit occasionally when there is any news.  Took my ten year-old son to the game last night which was the only one of the three games that we attended.  Sat in reserved seating very close to the adjacent TCU section.....right across the aisle.   Outside and inside the stadium, the TCU fans both old and young were nothing but cordial to us.  We enjoyed the stadium and the atmosphere and appreciated your hospitality.  I also thought your stadium staff did a good job of handling the big crowd and the way they interacted with us.   My ten year old was also very complimentary of the experience.   The vast majority of other Aggies that I spoke to shared my sentiments.


You have a solid team that I believe deserved to win the game last night.  Ump was very inconsistent....but equally inconsistent in my opinion.  Good luck in Omaha. 

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#2121927 When it's my time....

Posted by wes on 22 December 2015 - 05:14 PM

..can I please have a send off like Scott?


If you weren't there, it  was a send off fit for a Horned Frog.  


There was over 900 people in attendance and the gym was absolutely packed.  Cousins's BBQ provide the brisket and the ex Lettermen prepared ribs, chicken and sausage.  


Former OL Willie Williams, who is a pastor in Beaumont, gave a rousing prayer and I have to say that I would visit his church any time, any where.  That man can preach.


Anyway, I am proud that I could call Scott Nix my friend and will miss him dearly.


Vaya con Dios, my dear friend

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#2107335 Rumor Texas Bowl: A&M-Tech

Posted by Get Your Frogs Up on 04 December 2015 - 09:57 AM

Maybe change their slogan to We Run From This State?
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#2103077 Deuce's Final Pass at the Carter

Posted by Aus Frog on 29 November 2015 - 09:07 PM

How fitting that Tre's last pass at the Carter was a completion, for a touchdown, to beat a conference foe, a hated rival, in double overtime, for a win, to get to double digit wins on the season?  Congrats and thank you Mr. Boykin.  Damn proud to be a Frog for Life with you!

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#1954079 I swear If you let an Aggie in with your tickets...

Posted by Frog45 on 01 June 2015 - 11:01 PM

I don't care if he is your childhood friend. He saved your life in 'Nam. Doesn't matter. If your spouse went to A&M, to hell with them too.
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#2210062 Micah update...

Posted by Micah's Dad on 06 June 2016 - 09:14 PM

I came on here to put the update and then i saw this post and cried reading the m any comments.  Thank you KillerFrog and TCU family for your love for Micah and our family.  Your many words of encouragement, your generosity, and your faithful prayers have been a hug blessing to our family.  Thank you from the bottom of this Dad's heart...



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#2358437 If you have a prayer to spare today..

Posted by wes on 24 January 2017 - 08:06 AM

...send it my brothers way.  He got the call last night that they had a liver for him and he is undergoing the transplant surgery at this moment.



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Posted by Punter1 on 11 March 2016 - 03:23 PM



ESPN is also reporting that Devin Chafin was stopped in Fort Worth, Texas on November 27, 2015...for no gain by the TCU defense on the final play of the game.

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#2044688 Coach Patterson's Tuesday Press Conference Open Thread

Posted by TCUdirtbag on 06 October 2015 - 11:08 AM

Has there ever been a positive sentence that begins with "Due to..."?


"Due to a fire destroying the main administration building in Waco, TCU relocated to Fort Worth in the early 1900s." 

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#2201071 Art Briles fired?

Posted by JimSwinkLives! on 26 May 2016 - 10:35 AM


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#2119163 Remembering Scott

Posted by Zammers on 17 December 2015 - 02:13 PM

I'll tell this story for Scott one last time......


About 6 years ago I was voicing my displeasure about having to attend a wedding that was scheduled in a different city on the day of the big TCU vs. Utah game.  I vented and then went on about my day.  5 hours later I get a call from my wife saying that she received an email from the bride stating that if I felt that strongly about fall weddings that it was ok for me not to attend.  Needless to say the wife was not happy.  I got online immediately to see that my post had gone KF viral and was over 10 pages in length due to the groom signing up for KF and getting online to blast me.  Little did he know that his rant towards me would backfire as most KillerFrogs members came to my defense and lashed out at him for having a fall wedding on one of the biggest games in history.  I saw that it was getting out of hand and just wanted the thread to die, so I got a hold of Scott and asked that he take the thread down ASAP.  Scott laughed and laughed and said, "Boy, you sure did touch a nerve. I'll take the thread down so that you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight.  But you're right, NO fall weddings!"  


I ended up backing out of the wedding and sending the wife solo (she wasn't happy missing the game either, but it was for her friend).  The game ended up being one of the greatest (if not the greatest) TCU home games ever.  I ended up storming the field and a photo was taken of me and Andy Dalton which wound up front page of both the FWST and the DMN.  I get awakened the next morning by a call from my wife who says "Really?  You're on the front page of both metroplex papers. Way to be subtle a-hole"  


Long story short....after all this the couples marriage didn't work out after only one month.  I got to go the game and end up with Andy Dalton on the front page of the paper.  ZAMMERS FOR THE ( shame on me ) WIN!


So from then on...at tailgates, Killerfrogs luncheons, and HOF banquets....everytime Scott would see me he would tell everyone around "You've got to hear this story, it's one of my all-time favorites on KillerFrogs."  And I was happy to tell it.


Thank you Scott for your Friendship and Frogdom.  You will be missed and your spirit will be carried on through KF and Frog Nation for years to come.  GO FROGS!



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#2036429 Video of tech fans thinking they won the game.

Posted by LondonFrog on 27 September 2015 - 02:02 PM

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#1967701 Most annoying thing happened to me this morning...

Posted by Ron Swanson on 16 June 2015 - 08:09 AM

I reached into my TCU shirt drawer to grab my Big 12 Baseball Champions shirt to wear as I work from home today (Tropical Storm Bill), and I accidentally grabbed my Big 12 Football Champions shirt by mistake. So annoying

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#2255244 South Dakota look-a-likes

Posted by XIIFrog on 29 August 2016 - 10:26 AM

Alex Wilde







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