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#1787904 Gather 'round men...

Posted by Coach on 10 October 2014 - 05:18 AM

Goin' to Waco tomorrow.  Big game, big crowd, big viewing audience--it's a national stage.  It's what you've worked your whole life for.  What most of us would give our left nut for.


Last week was no fluke.  You can't overcome some of the play we had by accident--you have it in you to be the greatest team we've seen 'round here in decades.  We know it--now it's time to prove it to the rest of the college football world.


You know what it's taken to get here.  You know the journey--two years of hard work and hard play with little to show for it--but the payoff is finally here.  Your chance to show the world what you've known in your heart all along--we're not upstarts, we're champions.


Just remember--a true champion doesn't care what anyone else says or does--he doesn't need ESPN or Sports Illustrated or the talkin' bobble heads blabbin' about his teams' chances.  He knows the hard work, the sweat, blood and pain that he's endured and knows that sacrifice has prepared him for exactly where he is.  And ultimately, when the time comes, he takes care of business.  First week to last, kickoff to the final gun of each and every game--he doesn't play up or down to the competition, but plays within himself to the very best of his abilities.


It's gonna be a circus in Waco.  Soak it all in before kickoff--because it's where you belong and it's where we spent 16 long, hard, years to get.  Remember all those who came before you that made the same sacrifices, gave their all, and never had the stage you're stepping onto this week.  Then, when time comes to line up for the kickoff, block it all out.  Focus all your energy and concentration on doing what you know has to be done for 60 minutes.


Time to build some momentum, men.  Gird your loins and prepare for battle!  The Frogs are comin' to Waco and aren't takin' any prisoners.  The rest of the stikin' college football world is about to find out just how special this team is!

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#1803343 Signs for gameday

Posted by HornedFrogGrant on 26 October 2014 - 03:02 PM


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#1800508 Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Posted by cdsfrog on 23 October 2014 - 06:04 PM


New frog fan has arrived
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#1753317 Samford Look-alikes

Posted by PurplFrawg on 24 August 2014 - 02:08 PM

Brinson Porter








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#1749120 Patterson Motivational Tools

Posted by Frogs On A Plane on 16 August 2014 - 01:53 PM

Can someone remind me what the team slogan is this year?

"We gone blast you"
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#1732407 June Jones says the non-Power 5 conferences should move to a spring league li...

Posted by Frog-in-law1995 on 18 July 2014 - 03:09 PM

Will Baylor be moving their non-conference schedule to March?
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#1729147 Ross Bailey Tweets addition to lower west side AGCS

Posted by Frogcrates on 12 July 2014 - 08:52 AM

People are ao negative. I bet it sucks to go through life pointing out what everybody else is doing wrong!

There's a typo in your first sentence.
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#1673402 Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Posted by SnoSki on 24 April 2014 - 10:16 AM

That pic of Russell Wilson's soon to be ex wife reminded me of a certain moment in KFC history










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#1757833 Matt Joeckel

Posted by TCURiggs on 30 August 2014 - 10:13 PM

Y'all are hilarious. Boykin goes 71% completion, 320 yds passing, 2 passing TDs, 29 rushing yds, 1 rushing TD, 0 turnovers, and you're going to fire up some "I still have concerns/why didn't Joeckel play more" thread? Yeesh. We would've killed for 3/4 of that production last year. Then, Joeckel comes in and goes 50%, although it was only 8 attempts, with a pick 6 and we're still looking for more of that? I think it's just time for some of you to realize that Boykin got most of the PT tonight for a reason... he's our best QB. Quit darning [2314ing] and support the guy.

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#1732770 Tech Fans & Other University Fans On KillerFrogs

Posted by Scott on 19 July 2014 - 02:08 PM

You are more than welcome here! However, the rules must be followed.


You also will not be given the "benefit of the doubt" on here. You are essentially a guest. If you can't take the heat....then leave. But if you choose to attack our posters, students, coaches & University in general....it will not be tolerated. Debate without degrading comments towards TCU & it's fans, are welcomed. Anything else will not work. Might seem unfair, but that is how it is going to work around here.


I'm also asking our posters not to attack our visitors. If they break the rules, report them & we will take care of business.

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#1630846 Ty Barrett's mom reads Killer Frogs

Posted by PhormerPhrog on 31 January 2014 - 04:49 PM

I was leaving the office when a woman grabbed my shirt (TCU polo) and asked if I went there. I said yes and she said said her son just committed to play there. Turns out it's Ty's mom. We smalled talked for a minute and she said there was a brief rough spot but she got him on track and they are looking forward to being Frogs. She told me about Coach P's visit the other day and went on to say she reads KFC. She wanted me to tell y'all that the last couple weeks has been hard to read but she also told Ty he made a lot of people mad. Very sweet woman and I look forward to talking to her again.

I know we want to speak our minds here but just be mindful that players and their families do read this. No matter what the truth is about Fields I'm sure his family didn't appreciate some of the things that have been said the last couple days. Save the personality assassinations for hanging with your buddies.
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#1805583 Joeckel Out For Year

Posted by Raw Frog on 28 October 2014 - 12:32 PM

Matt, thank you young man for your time and contributions to TCU this year.  We are so sorry for your injury and wish you great success in life, whatever path you choose.

God's blessings to you. 

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#1785778 Congratulations TCU - From a former conference-rival

Posted by SigmaUte on 07 October 2014 - 01:40 PM

I just wanted to stop by here and congratulate you guys on your huge win over #4 Oklahoma. I always had a lot of respect for your program and have been following it since the MWC loosely since the jump to the BIG12 and rooting for your team. I think TCU and Utah have a lot in common, maybe more than any other programs, and I like seeing TCU have success. I knew it was only a matter of time before you caught up with the rest of the BIG12.


Anyways, congrats on the win. Heres to many more! Go Frogs, beat Baylor!





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#1733454 Tweets today

Posted by Frogs On A Plane on 21 July 2014 - 12:22 PM

The only part of the tweet that I understood at all.

Here, let me whiten it up for you.

@Yaboiphilly95: I can't fathom the fact that you would use your cellular device to continue to send my mother text messages. You should seriously consider not doing this is in the future, or you can leave. You should probably use your cellular device to text the mothers of the young men that I play football with, as you seem to care for them more than you do me.
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#1804464 An Open Letter To AGCS Gameday Officials re: Beer Vendors

Posted by guardfrog on 27 October 2014 - 12:56 PM

Well, I just received a call from Chris Del Conte.  


He profusely apologized and told me they're working out the kinks.  He said the officer was overzealous and should've at least helped me get my money back.  He offered to send me a refund, but I told him that wasn't necessary. 


We're lucky to have a guy like CDC....and I told him so.  


Issue resolved.

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#1788109 Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Posted by jewstfrogit on 10 October 2014 - 09:57 AM

Baylor hate at an all-time high:

Background: my supervising partner, who is responsible for about 80% of my workload, is Texas undergrad and law school alum. His ex-wife is a Baylor alum with lots of family ties to moneyed Baylor alums. Naturally, my supervising partner HATES Baylor. There are about 28 other partners here in our Houston office. One, who is the father of one of my buddies that's also an associate here, is a Baylor fan. I'll call said partner Baylor Dan.

In the elevator this morning at 7, I run into Baylor Dan. I'm wearing a purple gingham shirt which apparently reminds him of my TCU alum status. He asks about my weekend casually. "Oh, catching up on some discovery and watching some football." (Which is in fact true and the correct answer.) "Your Frogs are going down this weekend so you'll have plenty of free time, I suppose." (A few floors pass and the elevator thins.) "[Baylor Dan's Son] tells me you're thinking of going to Waco for the game?" "If I can get away." (Less true, but the correct answer.)

We then arrive at my floor and I get off the elevator and go to work.

8:30 rolls around and some legal assistant I've never met walks into my office with a runner with a dolly with 4 boxes. "[Baylor Dan] needs you to look through the files on the [___] matter and get him a memo on . . . for him to review before the . . . depositions on Tuesday. He said sorry to take up your weekend. The rest of the files will be brought up when they get in from Dallas this afternoon. It's about 30 boxes we suspect."

I've never done anything for Baylor Dan. Completely different practice area. Furious, I haul [John Wylie Price] to my buddy's office and ask him What the Heck?. It's not a joke, apparently Baylor Dan does this to associates all the time. Did it to a couple UT associates last weekend.

My supervising partner--who I really like and respect and who will do about anything for me--- hates this particular partner. I check his calendar and schedule a 10 minute meeting. Explain the situation. He laughs, calls Baylor Dan, and informs him that he has to run all associate assignments by the associate's supervising partner and then completely bull [Craig James]s him that I have to work on research for an "urgent motion" for him this weekend. He hangs up, looks at me, says "darn that guy. Have a good time in Waco."

Hate renewed. Disaster averted.



(apologies for length of rant and understand if tl;dr)

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#1780013 Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Posted by Trelvis on 01 October 2014 - 10:10 AM

New Horned Frog fan born Monday night!! My son! Now we just need to beat OU!



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#1769990 TCU Fan Base. Final Word. People Need to Quit Complaining.

Posted by LeagueCityFrog on 16 September 2014 - 10:09 AM

I've been to both games this season and a bunch of games over my life. TCU has an awesome gameday atmosphere. We need to stop complaining about the fans in the seats. It is what it is. Frog Alley, the housing around TCU, tailgates in the north and west were all great. Tons of energy and people having a great time. The bars on university were hopping.The band, cheer squads, pre-game intros all awesome. There were a ton of people milling around in the concourse area and inside the club section. The only problem TCU has is that it doesn't have LSU size number of alums, but our alums are very potent. I went to the LSU home game during TCU's off week. They shared with me it takes approximately 180,000-195,000 fans to fill their 105,000 stadium. Shockingly, even SEC schools also enjoy the tailgating scene on the weekend with their friends and family. If we want a 45,000 stadium full plan on trying to get at least 65,000 people partying at the tailgates. TCU shows up in force at our bowl games, Jerry World games, home sports events, and NCAA playoffs. What we don't have in numbers, we have in potency. It's okay. We sound loud on tv (when we kickoff you hear the 'T-C-U.... FROGS!" and are welcoming to opposing fans to Fort Worth. There were so many Minnesota fans that were saying they were having an awesome time in Fort Worth and on our campus. That's a huge plus for attracting future fans to visit. All these complaints are wasted energy and not productive for athletics marketing and opposing coaches using your material as weapons for future recruits to sell against TCU. TCU is big time football in a big time football atmosphere. Instead of wasting this energy on complaining, my suggestion would be to purchase more tickets and load your cars and pack the stadium with more of your friends or buy seats that TCU athletics can donate to families in the community. I try to bring someone new to TCU every home game. Everyone I've brought always has a great time and walks away saying how impressed the game day atmosphere is. These are SEC and ACC alums. Long story short, it's easy to complain, instead please use this energy to figure out how many car fulls of fans you can bring to the next series of home and away games.

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#1691431 'Likes' Allotment Increased

Posted by TxFrog1999 on 24 May 2014 - 03:53 PM

Quick notice: I've increased everyone's daily allotment of likes.

¡¡ Cheers !!

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#1744168 SI: TCU beats up teams

Posted by Stiff Arm Frog on 08 August 2014 - 10:50 AM

So what you're saying is, the Big12 can't handle the week-to-week grind of playing TCU.
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